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Get To Know Kim

Kim has been passionate about helping people for as long as she can remember, and this passion was fully actualized when she began her first counseling session with her first client. Dedicated to real communication, listening not just to answer, but to really understand, she saw the transformation that a real, constructive and effective relationship between a client and a mental health counselor could bring, and that transformation provided a hope for each person that carries her through every day.

She understands that change requires patience, determination and real effort with a collaborative partner who is ready to help you work through the difficult times and pull you up when you fall down. While many therapists leave their practices after a couple years, Kim stays in individual and relationship counseling because she finds true joy in doing what she does, and she has a hope for people that drives her to do the best that she can with every session.

She is known for having high enthusiasm and a warm, non-judgmental nature. She utilizes a grounded approach and develop realistic strategies for change. She has a talent for breaking complex, overwhelming concepts into simple language that is not only easy to see and understand, but actually makes it seem approachable and exciting! Kim believes that everyone wants to feel good about themselves and be successful in their relationships, they just struggle to find the right tools to create change and manifest the intentions of their heart.