1. Find A Therapist Who Can Help You Put Your Life In Perspective

      You probably know that movies manipulate you. The lenses the cinematographer uses make you focus on a particular part of the scene, and the composer tells you how to feel with the type of music that’s used. From a storytelling perspective, these types of manipulations aren’t really so bad and can certainly lead to an entertaining movie. But when it comes to romantic comedies, you’re p…Read More

  2. Problems That Can Be Avoided WIth Premarital Counseling

      New love is a wonderful feeling. Your hearts of full of love, your brain is constantly releasing endorphins, and you might not feel like you have a care in the world. It’s such a great feeling that it can blind you to problems that might be hiding just below the surface. That’s where taking time for premarital counseling comes into play. Kim is a therapist who can help you and your futu…Read More

  3. How Family Counseling Helps Each Individual In The Family

      You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. And if a family is to be saved, it needs to open the lines of communication so that every member is heard. It’s important that each member attending family counseling with Back On Track realizes that the therapist is not there to take sides. We’re here to give everyone a voice and to do our best to help everyone to get along..…Read More

  4. Why Does Seeing A Therapist Work?

    Psychology has taken many forms over the past couple of centuries, but there’s one aspect of it that has always stuck around: talking about your problems. It helps with individuals, family counseling, and couples therapy, and it’s been proven time and again to be one of the most useful tools we have. Of course, trust must be established so that you can say what you need to. When you find a the…Read More