It’s not therapy because something is wrong—it’s coaching because something is right.

Together, you and Kim can make it even better.

Whether you’ve always been one to exceed expectations, to set impossibly high goals and then achieve them, or you work hard because you require the most from yourself, there is a reason that you are a successful professional, and you want to continue on this path in every aspect of your life.

You might not necessarily need a mental health counselor, but Kim is still here to help.

She understands what it means to always want more from yourself, to read books about success—whether in your personal life, your family life, or your work life—and to not fully grasp what this knowledge means to you specifically or how to utilize it to your best advantage. When going through this kind of growth, it’s important to remember that while you may compartmentalize your home life from your work life and they both have their own demands, challenges and expectations, they are all one life, and to truly succeed in one area means to be successful in them all. Kim can help you get there.

You’ve read all about it. Now it’s time to find a way to make it happen in your life!

As your partner, this office is a place where you can download your stresses, getting a refreshing break from your fast-paced, intense, decision-making day life as well as a place to really gain the tools needed to keep you present and engaged in your home life. You and Kim can discuss the books you’ve read, the changes you want to bring, and the goals you have for you, your company, and your family. Kim can then make suggestions about real, concrete ways for you to put into practice these steps toward success.

Call today for a free 20-minute consultation and find a therapist who can help you achieve your highest goals.