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Are you unsure of what you want in life? Trying to figure out how to overcome a specific obstacle? Maybe you just want to discover details about yourself that you didn’t know before. Whatever the case, a life coach may be exactly what you need to empower you to achieve your ideal self in both your personal and professional life. 


Back On Track Counseling Can Help

At Back on Track Counseling, Kim K. Harris brings more than 10 years of counseling experience to the table. She understands the mental blocks and life obstacles that can keep you from achieving your ideal self. Kim can help you overcome these impediments and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. She uses a creative, thought-provoking process to help you discover your authentic, ideal self. 

Utilizing a life coach can help you maximize your potential. Professionals like Kim can assist you with everything from obtaining a healthy work/life balance to learning to communicate more effectively. Whether your goals are personal or professional, Back on Track can help you achieve them!


What Kim Can Do For You

  • Create a clear vision for what you want to achieve
  • Set goals to achieve that vision
  • Use her expertise to adjust the goals as necessary
  • Provide encouragement to foster productivity and promote growth
  • Hold you accountable for sticking to the plan to hit your goals
  • Continuously check-in with you to provide a supportive safety net


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Whether you want to enhance your life, your relationships, or your business, Kim can help. She’ll implement a personalized approach designed to help you excel in whichever area you want to succeed. If you’re ready to start the journey to your ideal self, don’t hesitate — contact Back on Track Counseling today!