Whether you know you’re an addict, you fear you are becoming one, or you have a loved one who is struggling with chemical dependency, simply visiting this page is an important first step in seeking help. Kim is here to help you get back on track with individualized, one-on-one counseling, working with you to develop realistic strategies and regain control of your life.

Struggling with Drugs or Alcohol?

As a licensed professional counselor, Kim has the experience and the resources to help you tackle a dependency on drugs or alcohol. For many, the path to chemical dependency began as a coping mechanism for other, unresolved issues in their lives. Kim can help you develop healthier solutions and better stress management strategies in your life.

Rebuild Relationships

Whether you are personally battling addiction, or you have a loved one with substance abuse struggles, you know first hand how addiction affects the people around you. As a part of her substance abuse counseling service, Kim can work with the friends and family of an addict, too, and help to reforge those important connections and rebuild the addict’s essential support network. For those trying to help a loved one through addiction, Kim can also offer support and help you cope with these difficult times in a healthy way. Feel free to ask about family or partner sessions!

The Support You Need on Your Terms

Wherever you are in your journey, Kim is here to help you take the next step with compassion, understanding, and dedication. Her goal is to make you feel safe, both in her office and in your own life, and help you find a purpose and a path forward. She can work with you to find counseling sessions and times that work for you, with flexible scheduling and night and weekend sessions available, as well as Skype or FaceTime appointments! Fighting addiction may not be easy, but it can be simple.

Tackle your chemical dependency struggles with a partner who won’t give up on you — call Back on Track Counseling today to take the first step!