It’s time to live a fulfilling life.

People are unique, and each handles situations differently. That is why Kim offers a wide variety of options to build relationships and help clients where they’re at and when they need it. We’re born knowing how to love– we have to learn how to fight.

  • Video Sessions
    • Utilizing confidential video technology you can still speak with Kim! With Video sessions, you can continue your growth as Kim helps you through the difficulties life presents. Whether you are on a business trip or vacation, life doesn’t stop when you’re away, so neither should our relationship.
  • Family Sessions
    • With certain issues that may come up, you and Kim may decide it’s best to meet with your family so she can learn more about the issues at their source. This isn’t necessarily family counseling, but it is an option you and Kim will openly discuss, with concerns and positives, and then make a pressure-free decision together.
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Double Sessions
  • Half-day Intensives
  • Bring Your Partner
    • Sometimes things that make sense to you in therapy might need to be explained to your partner and Kim can help you to create a way to make this communication to work between the two of you at home.


A Different Breed of Counselor

Kim has a high energy approach to therapy that helps you and her to get outside of the box solutions for every day problems and troubles. Kim brings compassion and understanding to every therapy session and is willing to change her approach for your unique situation. With an apporach that doesn’t beat around the bush, but instead gets straight to the point, Kim is able to find the changes that you are looking for and she won’t give up on you until you find the person that you want to be.


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