A Different Kind of Colorado Therapist

12011-cta-lrg1_revCouples Therapy, Depression Therapy, and Much More

Kim is passionate about her clients and aims to build real relationships that last. Kim’s office is a place where you are more than a client and Kim is more than a therapist. Your sessions are about having real discussions, working together to find answers and provide an atmosphere of hope. Kim has been on the other side of change, and she understands what it feels like. Terrified, frustrated and talking in circles, you may feel like things will never change.

What is a different breed of therapist? A therapist that makes the change unique to your situation not only inside the office, but also outside the office by showing you  how to make your change stick. If change is what you’re seeking…change is what will happen!

Whether you need couples therapy, depression treatment, family therapy, or even more unique services, you can count on a mental health counselor who cares. Kim loves what she does because it gives her the chance to provide fresh outlooks to old problems and it allows her to help her clients find renewed hopes and fulfilling lives in a way that produces positive, lasting solutions. While you and Kim work to discover problems and find solutions, there will never be a time when you can’t return for a tune up of the work you’ve done or address a new problem.