“Getting married is a task. Staying married is a skill.”

We think it is right, but how do we make it last? We might be right, but how do we make sure?
We’re good, but we want to make sure that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.

With the average wedding reaching up above $20,000, you see couples every day willing to invest time, money and effort into the perfect wedding without thinking about investing in a great marriage. However, with the U.S. divorce rate sneaking above 50%, you may be wondering what if it doesn’t work?

Premarital counseling is the perfect way for you and your fiancée to invest in your relationship, to build the foundation for a marriage that is not only good, but great—one that can last a lifetime and one that you can really count on.

With Kim, you will both discuss your expectations, your worries, and your struggles in an environment that is honest and upfront while still remaining encouraging and nurturing. In this way, you, your fiancée and Kim can work together to find solutions to problems you may face down the road, how to respond to each other and situations, and so much more so you can each be the best spouse to the other.

Whether you have a past that changes how you see your partner, you have worries about the future, or you just want to ensure that your relationship has exactly what it needs to grow, flourish and thrive, premarital counseling can help you get there.

Even great, strong relationships have room to grow, and premarital counseling can show you how. You can transform a good relationship into a strong foundation for the future and prepare for your marriage, not just your wedding. Call Kim today to receive a free, 20-minute consultation!