You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. And if a family is to be saved, it needs to open the lines of communication so that every member is heard.

It’s important that each member attending family counseling with Back On Track realizes that the therapist is not there to take sides. We’re here to give everyone a voice and to do our best to help everyone to get along…and not only get along, be thrive as part of the family unit.

Why does family counseling exist, and how can it help everyone involved?

It’s good for the family: It’s right there in the name…family counseling. Every family has problems, but the dynamics of some families and the ways in which the individuals interact prove that a little help in the right direction can work wonders. Having strong family relationships can lead to increased happiness for each individual and stronger relationships in every facet of their lives.

It’s good for the parents: Not everyone learned to communicate properly as a child. Many of the parents we see are the children of baby boomers, who were either very hands-on or very hands-off with their parenting. If this current generation of parents never learned how to communicate then their children won’t either.

Sometimes the problem isn’t necessarily in the family as a whole, but in the way that the parents are clashing in their parenting styles. In this case, couples therapy might be the fastest way to a solution.

It’s good for the children: A child needs to learn that it’s okay to talk about problems. If they learn this during family counseling then they will have the tools to deal with conflict in the future. The teenager of today needs to know that it’s okay to open up and discuss problems so that they can discuss relationship problems as they get older. Every relationship they have will be healthier if they learn to solve problems with words instead of anger and/or violence..

Family counseling is an opportunity for the family to grow closer, but also for each individual to grow and learn. If you are considering seeing a family therapist, schedule with Back On Track today.