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  • Kimberley K. Harris | LPC, LMFT, ASAAMFT
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Loveland Counseling Services


Do you know it’s time for a change?

If you already know that talking through your problems is for you, call Kim now: 970-208-8137.

Not exactly sure if it’s for you? Read on…

Is life overwhelming you? Are your relationships everything you want them to be?Are you not happy with your relationships? Or maybe you’re not happy with yourself. Are you angry and disappointed with the world in general?

Maybe you’re constantly arguing with yourself, or having the same arguments with the same people again and again? Are you feeling stuck, wondering “how did I end up here? This isn’t the way things are supposed to be.”

Are you exhausted?

Just living with the stress of these questions can be mentally and spiritually draining. If you’re not sure where your life is headed, you’re not going to end up in a place that will make you happy.

Trying to deal with your own depression, or that of someone you love, can strain a relationship to the breaking point. No matter if the problem arises from within yourself or with another person, we’re here to help you start the healing process.

Maybe you’ve exhausted your options and are wondering if seeing a mental health counselor is for you. Have you asked yourself…

Is it possible to feel better?

Yes! We’re happy to tell you that you can feel better, and help isn’t far away when you’re seeking counseling in Loveland, CO.

There’s one tenet of psychology that’s held up for more than a century: talking with someone helps. And it’s important that it’s someone who’s supportive but doesn’t have a stake in the situation. Therapy has been proven time and again to help, because simply talking about the problem allows your mind to start working on the solutions.

Whether you’re coming in as an individual, for couples counseling, or family therapy, we want you to get to the good places that you deserve. Visiting a mental health counselor is a great step to getting everyone where they want to be.

But how do you find a therapist to talk to? How do you know they’ll listen?

Don’t let this simple step get between you and healing. Kim is a licensed professional counselor and can help you talk through every problem you can bring her way.

You’re worth the time it takes to get healthy. And since you’re worth it, it’s worth calling.

Kim would love to talk with you

Maybe you’ve tried everything you know how to do. Perhaps you’ve read self-help books and tried to talk it through with your friends and family. Now it’s time to talk to someone who is trained to help you talk through your problems, all in a confidential setting.

When you’re ready to talk to someone who’s been trained to listen, give Kim a call. Kim became a therapist because she wants to help people, and her goal is to help you turn things around and get you on the track to mental wellness that you crave. Kim can’t directly solve your problem, but she can give you the tools to help you solve your problem. It’s a partnership to improved mental and relational health.

Back On Track Can Help

When you’ve done everything you can alone, why not give Back On Track a try?

We’ve helped so many people with the following types of counseling, and we can help you.

  • Individual counseling
  • Relational counseling
  • Couples therapy
  • Premarital coaching
  • Adolescents
  • Family counseling
  • Entrepreneurs

When you know you need help, it’s time to call: 970-208-8137


  • "This is why it's better to pay somebody good, rather than somebody cheap - ya get what you pay for!"
  • "She hits things head on, she not afraid to let us go there, but she helps us get back out again."
  • "I told her things I've never felt safe to tell anybody before...anybody!"
  • "She saved our marriage."
  • "She's straight up different than any other counselor I've ever met, she gets it."
  • "No matter what Im dealing with i know she can help me gain perspective."


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Loveland, CO 80538